BLACKFIN BOYS – Boy's Own Adventure

Warm Blood On White Sand

The BLACKFIN BOYS are four boys aged 16 to 19 who, along with their good-natured Rottweiler, constantly find themselves in life-threatening adventures. The inseparable friends often face paranormal threats that they can only combat as a team.


Their survival depends on their resourceful collaboration. Their opponents continuously try to eliminate them, but with skill, cleverness, and a few weapons, they manage to gain the upper hand. One thing is certain: the boys are always there for each other.


Their adventures take them to distant lands, such as tropical islands, the Black Forest, Israel's coast, the Amazon rainforest, the Bermuda Triangle, Berlin, and Antarctica. They battle ruthless scientists, demons, mysterious apparitions, occult fanatical Nazis, animal abusers, murderers, grave robbers, and fast-running zombies. Even in the realm of the dead, the boys have important matters to resolve.

The Blackfin Boys are a boy's own adventure series written for reluctant readers among teenage boys.
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BLACKFIN BOYS – Boy's Own Adventure – Warm Blood On White Sand
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And that's what this adventure is about...

For over forty hours, the teenagers Toby, Roland and Mark drift helplessly and completely exhausted on a life raft in the vast sea. As if steered by a ghostly hand, the inflatable liferaft lands on a lonely island. A fresh water lake and some fruits save the boys from starvation. As the three stranded boys explore the tropical island, they come across a disfigured corpse in a ski suit. With cunning and tactics, but also with harpoon, knife, and pistol, the boys decide to get to the bottom of this horrible find ...

Spoiler Warning:

Toby, Roland, and Mark are enjoying a leisurely cruise when an explosion causes the ship to capsize and sink. The three barely manage to save themselves on the shore of an unknown island. While searching for drinking water, the boys come across a helicopter, with blood trails leading to a corpse. Where have they landed? They find a freshwater lake with an entrance to a cave at its bottom. They encounter a mysterious teenager who threatens them before disappearing. It's high time to leave the island with the helicopter, but it’s not flight-ready. Roland must return to the cave for tools, where he is attacked by the strange boy's twin brother but successfully defends himself.


Mark, having learned to fly from his father, gets the helicopter airborne. After a short flight, they find themselves in a snowy landscape and encounter turbulence. Roland falls from the cockpit, while Mark and Toby get stuck in a crevice with the helicopter, facing the threat of freezing to death. Fortunately, Roland lands safely in the snow and frees Mark and Toby from their predicament. He leads them to a warehouse where he has discovered warm water tanks, allowing the hypothermic Mark to recover. Suddenly, the water from the tanks drains, flushing the friends into an underground tunnel system. They find an amphibious vehicle and explore the corridors.


Suddenly, the twins—Julius and Dix—appear and capture them. A man introducing himself as Dr. Blake enters their prison and explains that he conducts research at the underwater station. He has developed a special type of shark through genetic engineering that requires human brains regularly. Unfazed by the necessary deaths, he confesses to blowing up the cruise ship with pre-made blackfin sharks carrying explosives to the ship.


Julius offers Mark, Toby, and Roland a deal: he will help them escape from the underwater station where he is held against his will by Dr. Blake. Although the boys are skeptical, they have little choice but to accept. Their escape attempt fails when Julius is betrayed by his autistic twin brother, Dix, who is loyal to Dr. Blake and will stop at nothing.


Dr. Blake is impressed by the friends' persistence and teamwork, offering them a chance to work for him. The boys have no choice but to accept, hoping for another escape opportunity. They discover a ship containing fuel and a prisoner who turns out to be Dr. Blake's father, William Blake.


The elder Blake explains that his son lost his mind during his research and imprisoned him. He also reveals his invention of a time machine. Although the boys find this hard to believe, they are convinced by Blake's plan to destroy the underwater station.


Julius discovers that Dix killed Lucas, an employee of the underwater station who planned to escape with Julius. It was his body that Roland, Toby, and Mark initially found near the helicopter.


Dix finds a ship with new victims for Dr. Blake. When Dix shoots at the people, Roland and Toby kill him in front of Julius. Sadly, Julius strokes his dead brother's head but does not blame Toby and Roland, having realized since the incident with Lucas that his brother was beyond saving.


Now, they must destroy the underwater station. Fortunately, Julius knows his way around the station. However, the operation does not go as smoothly as hoped. Julius is trapped under a heavy metal crate. Despite having an open escape route, Roland, Toby, and Mark re-enter the underwater station to rescue Julius. They manage to free him from the overturned machine, but the return path is blocked—the underwater station is about to sink at any moment. Desperately searching for an escape, they find the time machine built by the elder Blake. They activate it without knowing where or when they will end up, even though the "young" Dr. Blake is in the room. 


TOBY (19 years old)


A guy driven by his strong urge to explore. He likes to take on the role of the leader but over time learns to occasionally relinquish control. He finds this to be a positive experience. His preferred weapon is a diver's knife, which is strapped to his leg with a holster.


ROLAND (18 years old)


He is tall, blond, blue-eyed, and well-toned. Roland values body hair removal and likes to show off his body because he is proud of it. He has a raw and sometimes rough approach to things but is often successful with it. However, Roland also has a very sensitive side that he rarely shows. [SPOILER] In "Hell Can Wait," he comes out as bisexual. He finds this orientation logical because he does not want to limit himself to one gender. After killing someone in self-defense, he constantly grapples with the thought and suffers from it. He processes the event with his friends, who offer him great support – but it only helps to a limited extent.


MARK (16 years old) 


Mark looks like he’s 14 but is capable of flying planes and helicopters (his father runs an organ transport aviation company in Arizona). His insecurity is written all over his face, but when it matters, you can count on him. Over time, Mark surpasses himself. [SPOILER] Initially, he hates all kinds of weapons and prefers to focus on analog filming and photography. In Volume 3, he realizes there are situations where weapons are necessary to protect his own life.


JULIUS (17 years old)


Julius becomes a permanent member of the Blackfin Boys only towards the end of the first book. He is trapped on the island with his psychopathic twin brother Milan, known as "Dix," but quickly befriends the boys [SPOILER] and helps them escape the island. Deep friendships are initially foreign to him, but he soon enjoys the company of the boys and fully trusts them.


and STILES, the Rottweiler 

The oversized dog belongs to the antagonist "Blake" in Volume 1. Blake likes dogs, but unfortunately, his own dog doesn't like him at all. Towards the end of the first book, Stiles joins the boys as a loyal companion...

Title: Blackfin Boys – Warm Blood On White Sand

Author: Flynn Todd 

ISBN: 9783757882945 (2nd, revised and expanded edition) 

Publisher: BOD Germany


Available as paperback and e-book  lastbookstore_la  amazon.com  bookshop.org  thriftbooks.com 


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Blackfin Boys, erlebe die paranormalen Abenteuer der 4 besten Freunde und tauche ein in eine teilweise dämonische Welt!

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